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Instructing Protocols
Instructing Protocol

The following protocol is supplied for guidance and information and is appropriate for instructions in any area of the UK.

  • Instruction letters should be sent to Q and A Medical via the 'Instruct us now' link or by email..
  • An appointment will be made with the appropriate/requested Q and A Medical expert witness.
  • When appropriate, previous notes/investigation records should be made available to Q and A Medical before the appointment.
  • The consultation will take place usually within two weeks of receipt of instruction letter (or as agreed)
  • Urgent appointments can be arranged.
  • Evening and Saturday appointments are available.
  • In the event of non-attendance by the client, Q and A Medical will inform the instructing solicitor by the next working day. For some expert witnesses this may incur a charge.
  • If no further investigations are required, i.e. X-rays, MRI scan; the medico legal report will be prepared and sent to the solicitor within 7 to 14 days from the date of consultation.
  • If further investigations are required, every effort will be made to ensure the shortest possible timelines are adhered to.
  • If appropriate, coordination of additional investigations can be undertaken by Q and A Medical.

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